Q: Corel Draw 9 Profile Setup not properly saved ?

Q: Corel Draw 9 Profile Setup not properly saved ?

Post by Christian Westphale » Sat, 19 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I have a little Problem with Corel Draw 9 ( Version 9.397 german) under WIN

When i set up the ICM Profiles, it works all fine and Corel Draw uses them
all, but when i quit and restart, the screen-profile and the cmyk-profile do
not come up again. Corel is back on its default settings. The profile for
the composite-Printer ( made with Printopen like the cmyk-profile ) is set
correctly even after restart.
The screen profile is matrix-based (62 Kilobyte).

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance,

Christian Westphalen



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