Bill Whelan saved my day

Bill Whelan saved my day

Post by Miles Davi » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 01:26:40

Just wanted to thank bill for this message which i've found in google.
The root user trick works great!

Subject: Re: OmniPage ScanSoft Disk # 2 CDGS11 will NOT install \ More ?
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Date: 2002-12-29 15:09:35 PST

 From a friend I used the following instructions.

1) Launch NetInfo Manager (it's in /Applications/Utilities/). When it
opens, go into the Security menu and choose "Enable Root User". It will
ask you for a non-trivial password, so enter one you'll remember, close
it up, and quit the application.

2) Choose Log Out from the Apple menu (Shift-Command-Q) and when the
Logon box comes up, do one of the following:
a) If you're set up for users as a list, you'll see your normal
username, and a new option called "Other." Select Other and then enter
"root" as the username and the password you entered in NetInfo Manager.
b) If you're set up for user/password boxes, you'll just get two spaces
-- put "root" into the user space and the password into the other.

3) Okay, now you're logged on as root. Be careful, because you can do
literally anything as root -- including deleting system files. Relaunch
the Omnipage setup application. If you get an error, try it again. I had
to give it three shots before the silly thing would launch properly --
kept telling me a file was missing.

4) Once the install process is finished, you can Log Out again, and log
back in as yourself.

I think those are the guys who developed Naturally Speaking that never
worked correctly for me :-(

I thought I'd leave to info here in case somebody else needs it.

Best regards,
Bill W