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Where can find some handy scripts and examples how to automate tasks in
Corel PhotoPaint 11 ? Particularly, I am after a script that lets me scale
down a bunch of images to a given size (yet preserve the aspect ratio).



1. ScriptRunner script for CS2, neat way to launch scripts

Do you feel that the File/Scripts menu access to the Scripts is deep
down and far away. And in case there are tens of scripts do you feel it
is messy. I do. The other way to launch Scripts (and to have them
decently organized) is to record an Action Button for each. Very time

So I wrote the ScriptRunner.jsx script. It is started from an Action
Button and provides a dialog with a list in alphabetic order of all
those JSX scripts in that folder where the ScriptRunner.jsx resides. A
click on an entry on the list will run that script. So, two click access
to a set of your scripts, very rapid in the use. Very simple to install.
   Scripts can be organized into many folders with a copy of
ScriptRunner.jsx in each. Download here:

Also the ActionSetChanger is updated, now much more easy to set up.

Timo Autiokari

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