Barcode Font Problem

Barcode Font Problem

Post by Adhesive Label » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 12:35:44

Using Corel V10, I need to insert barcodes regularly (EAN 13's & 8's
mainly). The Standard font which must be used for the human readable part is
OCR10B which is loaded in my font folder. I can not get Corel to use this
font. In fact it is greyed out and I can not change it. Even editing the INI
file will not force use of the selected font. Currently, I have to use Corel
V7 on another machine and export the barcode as an EPS file for inclusion in
V10 files. Does anybody have the answer?

Steve W



When a make a barcode, I have alwais the Times new roman font on it.  I want
the ocr!
If I uninstal the Times, it works ok. but It seems that Times is the defaul
font, and I whant the ocr.
The ocr is the default if i dont have the Times instaled.

Any help?


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