Reversing a string in Draw

Reversing a string in Draw

Post by Gary » Tue, 05 Aug 2003 22:00:11

Can anyone tell how to make a Macro/script that will reverse the order of a
string of characters in Draw11?

so, you have:    abc def

and get  fed cba



1. Corel Draw 6.0 Export EPS (string encoding) for LaTeX/PSFRAG


  Has anyone been able to export eps files from Corel Draw 6, that can be used
by PSFRAG style in LaTeX ? The problem is that the \tex{xxxxx} tags created in
Corel are exported as individual characters hence the string \tex{xxxxx} does
not occur in the eps file and is not seen by PSFRAG as its not there.
  Thus the real problem is can text in Corel be exported to eps as a continuous
string. That is if I make a text object ie \tex{xxxxx} , can the export be done
such the entire string will be place in the eps file and not the individual

Thanks for any help.


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