Freehand 5 - CorelDraw

Freehand 5 - CorelDraw

Post by Nathan Heag » Sun, 06 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi. I'm looking for a utility to convert Freehand 5 (5.5) files or
earlier to any version of  CorelDRAW. I know that Freehand can make
eps's that DRAW can then import, but a direct conversion would be MUCH

Thanks for any help.
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I used to work with Freehand on a Macintosh, but I have now to work on a
PC with Windows 95.

I have already the licence to use CorelDraw 6 (32 bits), but of course I
can also get  Freehand for Windows for an extra cost.

Does anyone have an experience of these 2 softs ? Are there many points
about which CorelDraw is weak ? Is it a good idea to spend time learning
CorelDraw ? Tell me about your opinions...

Michel Pinet

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