looking to do olympic rings type effect

looking to do olympic rings type effect

Post by tim and call » Tue, 14 Sep 1999 04:00:00

i want to ceate the effect of an arrow going under one side of a ring
and coming out on the top of the ring. it would look like the olympic
rings, how one color goes beneath another color. i have tried using weld
and trim and intersect, but have had no luck. any help would be
thanks tim

1. Olympic Rings

I'm using CS & am still somewhat a beginner at this incredible journey.

As a learning exercise, I thought I would create a set of colored Olympic

I used the marquee tool to make 5 circles, each on different layer.
Then I used the stroke tool to give the rings some width.

Then I used the wand to select each of the rings and used the bucket to put
in the blue, black, red, yellow & green colors.

I've moved the rings around to where they look natural, but the linking of
the rings seems a bit more complex.

Three questions,

1.  Is there a better way to  make the rings?

2.  Does anybody have the specific color specs for each of the colors?

3.  How would you link the rings where some part of each ring is in front of
another ring and some portion is in back of other rings.



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