Problem Creating Typefaces

Problem Creating Typefaces

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I'm having problems creating a custom typeface using Corel 5.0. What I
need to be able to do is save a signature in a TrueType format, so
that it can be used in Word for Windows mail merges.

I can get the procedure to work when I modify and export an existing
character to a new typeface, but I can't get a signature to work

I'm tracing a scanned image using CorelTRACE! and then saving it as an
.EPS file (I'm assuming this is the vector image format). I then
import the image into CorelDRAW!, and adjust it to the established
baseline. I also have found that I had to use the Arrange, Combine
feature in order for the export to go error-free.

After reloading the font into Windows and testing it, all I get is a
blank space where the signature should be. I figure I must be doing
the export correctly since I can get existing characters to work, but
I can't figure out where I'm going wrong.

p.s. I'd appreciate it if you could also send any help you have to me

often as I'd like. Thanks!  =)

- marcie


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