Recommendations, please

Recommendations, please

Post by Sarah Drinkwate » Wed, 04 Jun 2003 02:43:06

Wish I could help, but I only had the 5 CD Mega Gallery set, otherwise
I would have been happy to send along a copy of disk 1.
I can't imagine having the patience to hunt through a 16CD set!

-- sarah

>Hi All,

>I have used the daylights out of the 16-CD version of Corel Clip Art
>Gallery.  Unfortunately, while recently on my way to a project, I
>inadvertantly put Disk #1 where the summer Sun could get to it.  Sure
>enough, upon arrival I had a beautifully wavy platter where a boreingly flat
>one had once existed.  Asthetics aside, it no longer works, and now I'm
>sunk.  If anyone out there still has theirs, I would greatly appreciate
>advice on how to obtain a duplicate.

>Thanks very much,

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