Demo ?

Demo ?

Post by KelLee » Thu, 04 Mar 1999 04:00:00

    Is there such a thing as a Corel Draw Demo?  I already have Paint Shop
Pro, and I wanted to try out draw before I actually spend more money on
what's only a hobby



1. WANTED: original arena demo source / arx demo source

hi all,

  my name is Aaron Ardiri, and i am a student studying computer science
  at Curtin University of Technology in Perth Western Australia.

  i am currently undertaking my project.. and i have a copy of the arena
  source that my supervisor has decided to hack around with and totally
  screw up.. ;(

  unfortunately, i need the arena demo as a base to my project.. which
  deals with implementing robotic algorithms in order to establish movement
  and ai within the 3D world..

  if anyone has any pointers / or can mail me the source.. i would be
  highly appreciated..

  the original arena was written for the SGI GL library.. i would prefer
  the "original" as i have to port it to SGI OpenGL for use with my
  project.. and code that has been screwed with (ie: liky my supervisor
  has).. isn't any use to me..

  thankyou for you help, much appreciated

regards, aaron.
                   ,-\|\   Mr. Aaron Joe ARDIRI  
                  /     \  Dept. of Computing Science  
                  *.--._/  Curtin University of Technology


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