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I am trying to get the associated executable file and icon of a document
with a specific extension.  For example, I use the following code to try
to get the path to Notepad.exe:

dim y as string
dim tempIconHandle as long
dim tempWord as long

y = "c:\files\file1.txt"
tempIconHandle = ExctractAssociatedIcon(Me.hWnd, y, tempWord)

My question is: does ExtractAssociatedIcon return the executable's file
path by reference?  I can't seem to get the filepath back from the
function.  Any guidance with regards to this function would be very

Chris Donahue


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I've just started using API calls. I used ExtractIcon
(copied straight out of a book) and got the expected
result. Then I tried to use ExtractAssociatedIcon using
the following code.

Declare Function MyExtractAssociatedIcon Lib "shell32.dll"
Alias "ExtractAssociatedIcon" _
        (ByVal hInst As Long, ByVal lpIconPath As String, _
            ByVal lpiIcon As Integer) As Long

Sub hIconToPicture()

Dim strIconFilePath As String
Dim hIcon As Long
Dim intLpiIcon As Integer

strIconFilePath = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft
intLpiIcon = 0

hIcon = MyExtractAssociatedIcon(0, strIconFilePath,

Form1.Picture1.Picture = GPicTool.IconToPicture(hIcon)

End Sub

And VB returned the following error:

'453' Can't find DLL entry point ExtractAssociatedIcon in

Is this because of syntax, logic .?


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