API or ActiveX Control To Do Screen Capture

API or ActiveX Control To Do Screen Capture

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Quote:> Hello, all.  Is there an API for doing a screen capture, like the Print
> Screen button?  I'd like to also save this image as a .bmp or .jpg.  I
> don't need to display it in a picture or image box, just have my user
> click a button, give a filename and the .bmp file is saved on the
> harddrive.  Can this be done?

> Thanks

> Roswell




I need some help desperately on this. I have been trying to build a WorkFlow
module for our Internet Application. What I need to have is something
similar to a Standard VB kind of Environment within the Browser,(with its
own Toolbars and Controls) which the User could use to Draw Controls, Site
Controls within Controls, Resize these Controls, Set their properties etc.
What I wanna accomplish is very similar to the Standard VB IDE, where we
could drag and drop controls from the Toolbar, resize them, host them with
in container controls, set their properties etc. But the problem I am facing
with this is I tried hosting controls with in ActiveX Controls with their
property ContainControls to True, but IE doesnt allow me to do this. Another
thing is with in IE, I want my controls to behave as in a Design Time
Environment, but they tend to behave as if they are in Run time Environment.
I tried the same with ActiveX Documents and what ever I could come across
on, but I have drawn a blank in most cases. Have anyone tried to build an
Editor like this on IE using VB ? I would appreciate it a lot if any of you
could point me in the right direction.

A Standard VB Form implements the ISimpleFrameSite interface and hence
allows Containercontrols to host other controls with in them. But IE Does
not support this interface and hence I am screwed.

Cherian K Abraham
Imparto Software Corporation

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