production plan

production plan

Post by hm » Fri, 23 May 2003 12:19:38

I am planing to build a produciton planing/monitoring system. What control
will be more suitable for doing showing/planing/modifying visually. (Like in
most ERP systems) For an example ms chart control, picture box and line,

Please help me.


1. production pipeline / production management

hi there,
i know this isn't on-topic, but it seems that this forum is full of pros
who might have an answer for me nevertheless :-)

managing a small production with small staff (let's say up to 4-5 people)
relativly easy - but managing a big production with dozends or even
hundreds of people involved, lots of stuff to produce, a tight deadline
etc. (think of a feature film, tv series, music videos etc.) seems like a
very difficult task.
how do you keep track on who is doing what?
.. make sure that someone else can work with stuff another one has worked
on before?
.. tell everyone what to do and don't have him to ask severeal times
again until his job is clear for him?
.. have alle elements ready when they are needed for the next production
.. all elemets fit together?
.. ressources (like people, time, renderfarm etc.) are used the best
possible way?

i can think of numerous other problems - but they all are crucial to the
success (keeping in time and keeping in costs) of the production

is there some sort of standard-software for 3d production management (i
remember reading about something from mark weigert, especially for special
fx prod.)  that you use or do you use inhouse tools or depend on
production manager with big brains and lots of production plans they
update continously?

in short: how do you manage 3d production?

thanks for your help,

carsten kolve
software dev. , r&d, id-tv

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