KeyPress events for MDI form

KeyPress events for MDI form

Post by Steven Doggar » Wed, 12 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Is there a way to capture the KeyPress, KeyDown and KeyUp on and MDI
Or would this require subclassing it?

1. keypress event problem

I've run into an interesting problem - I have a widget of type
GLwMDrawingArea which is a child of a motif form widget.

I've registered a GLwNinputCallback for it, since I'm interested in
responding to user keypresses.  Everything works fine as long
as the OpenGL widget is the only child of the form.  If the form
has other children, keypresses do not trigger the callback.  Mouse
button clicks still work, however.  Adding an event handler for

I tried substituting a RowColumn for the Form widget and observed
the same problem.  If anyone has any insight on this, please
let me know!  I'm running Motif on an SGI Indigo 2, X11R5.

thanks -


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