VB6 error: File->open works; double-click from Windows Explorer gives error! Please help.

VB6 error: File->open works; double-click from Windows Explorer gives error! Please help.

Post by Kent P. Ile » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 00:31:13


I have an app that uses a 3rd party control called Imaging Professional for
Windows.  It was an EastmanSoftware product, but I have not been able to
find any support or knowledge base on this product.

The issue I'm having is the app works great if you launch it, and then do a
file->open.  However, if you try to open a file via Windows Explorer (double
clicking), it gives a series of errors.  Obviously, this application has
been associated with the file type that I'm trying to open.

The error message is:
"An error was raised by your last action in the mnuScalteToGray_Click event.

The error number is: 1001

The error Description is: Image not displayed

Unable to refresh the image window display"

The rest of the error messages are probably due to this one, so I won't list

My thought is the form isn't loaded when the image is trying to be
displayed, so I put a form.show and form.refresh before trying to load the
image that is passed as a parameter.  It's calling the same method that
file->open calls, so I don't understand why this isn't working.

Anyone have any suggestions?  When I debug and simulate a parameter being
passed, it works fine, so that doesn't help me resolve this much.



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