OpenGL API in VB4-32 Bit

OpenGL API in VB4-32 Bit

Post by Andrew Linds » Wed, 13 Jan 1999 04:00:00


Has anyone here had experience with using OpenGL in the 32 Bit
environment for VB4?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Best regards

Andrew Lindsay


OpenGL API in VB4-32 Bit

Post by Alessandr » Wed, 13 Jan 1999 04:00:00

You must install VB5, and download the Scribe's OpenGl library from:


OpenGL API in VB4-32 Bit

Post by edx » Sun, 17 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Has anyone here had experience with using OpenGL in the 32 Bit
>environment for VB4?

>Any assistance would be appreciated.

You can get a lot of info here:
You could probably do some stuff in VB4, but some callbacks require
the AddressOf operator. You really need VB5.

1. hPal Picture property in VB4/32 vs VB4/16

I need to assign a Logical Palette to a Picture control.   The following
code works fine with VB4/32:

Sub AssignPalette(aPicture as Picture, hPalette as Long)
        aPicture.hPal = hPalette
End Sub

But when I move it to VB4/16 bit, I get error 438 - "Object doesn't
support this property or method".

(hPalette IS declared as Integer in the 16bit version of my code)

I can GET the hPal property of a Picture in VB4/16, but apparently, can't
LET it.   Certainly this must be a bug (or undocumented feature).  

Looking at the Object Browser, I see that the Picture control is a
"Standard OLE Types" member.  In Tools...References this refers to
c:\windows\system\olepro32.dll.   Mine is version 4.1.6038 dated 8/23/96.
Is there an updated version that corrrects this bug?   Or are the
properties and methods  that an OLE object responds to defined in another
object or type library file somewhere that needs to be updated on my
system?  Or does VB4/16 reference another dll for Standard OLE Types (the
32 in olepro32.dll has me concerned)?  

Is there another workaround for this?   I've tried using the Clipboard as
suggested in Appleman's VB3 book for pasting the palette into the Picture,
but this hasn't worked with VB4.  I suspect it has to do with the OLEness
of the Picture control in VB4.

Any suggestions anyone?

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