Request for

Request for

Post by Mike » Tue, 24 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hey all,

Some time ago (a month?) someone posted an example of bitmap rotation
through 360 using four different methods - the file was archived in WinZip
and was called I would be very grateful if the owner could post
it again, or email it to me (for, like a fool, I blatted it).

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Mike Kingscott (here, but really gone)


1. Request- Rendering 3D arrays

 Is there any public domain software that runs on the SPARCs for displaying
objects represented in a 3D array of voxels. I am looking, too, for some
ability to rotate the object etc.


Yaser Yacoob
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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