How can I save extracted icons as single .ico

How can I save extracted icons as single .ico

Post by Radiosonden Aasiaa » Mon, 10 Nov 1997 04:00:00

When I extract icons from .exe .dll etc. with ExtractIkon, I cannot save as
single 766 byte icofile. I can save with .ico extension, using SavePicture
statement, but it is actually still a bmp file. Does anyone know how, or
where to find the information, in a book, on the net or elsewhere, please
let me know.
Mogens Lund


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Hey, i've posted this question on other newsgroups/message boards with
little success, so I'll get right to the question:
I need to extract icons from various sources (.dll, .exe, .icl), display
them, then save individual icons as icon files (.ico). I'm using VB5. I
found some source code to do it, but when it extracts them in doesn't
put the picture into picture1.picture (for example). It literally draws
it onto the picture, so if I have
picture1.picture=iconPicture.picture, it doesn't work, I need to draw it
into the picturebox. I havn't gotten that part yet, nor do I know how to
save it as an icon once I get that working.
Thanks a lot,

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