Screen coordinates change after changing screen resolution???

Screen coordinates change after changing screen resolution???

Post by vandendriessche hei » Tue, 16 Sep 1997 04:00:00


I recently encounterd a strange problem.
I am developing an application that is to be run under 640 x 480 only.
If, for example, somebody starts Win 95 in 800x600, then changes the
screen resolution to 640x480, some forms don't start up in their right
position... (I am setting them to their right postion by giving in .left
and .top everytime the app is started).
It's just like the screen coordinates are changed???


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I have a full-screen program and I want that when it loads the resolution
will change to 640x480.

* I don`t think I need a function that change Windows` resolution, because
usually in full-screen programs when I click Alt+Tab and switch to another
program the resolution is changed back to normal.

Thanks in advance.


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