Easy-Use concept for gradient ocx needed

Easy-Use concept for gradient ocx needed

Post by Richard Brook » Mon, 12 Aug 2002 22:32:07

Quote:> Hello guys,

> i've made a great code to draw any gradient (multiple colors in the
> gradient) in any ways like linear (any angle), round, rect, circular
> etc. pp.

> But the thing is, i cannot figure out an easy OCX-Interface for it.
> Can you give me some ideas what features the ocx needs and how the
> configuration might be?
> The colors-managment is done via a collection-class i did.

> Some questions i have:

>  - The configuration and parameters of the many gradient-styles have
> to be changed via code and property pages. I thought about a class
> tree like GradientSettings->Gradienttype->ParameterProperty but do you
> would find this useful?

How about a rectangle that shows gradient fills like Coreldraw.  That way
the user can see what the gradient would look like.

Then use a palette pick map so that the user can select start and end

Or something like that.....