re pagemaker vs quark

re pagemaker vs quark

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Business: Quark or Pagemaker 6.0
Date: 5 Feb 1996 02:22:01
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if you intend to do 4 colour work go with QuarkXPress. No


Opinions run high in which is best.  Up until PageMaker 6.0,
PageMaker had some serious problems, and most
professionals went Quark.  When Adobe took over Aldus, they
listened to the issues surrounding PM problems, and most are
corrected.  Quark is still a tiny bit more flexible, but PageMaker
certainly  has its positive side as well.  I am someone that goes
from program to program very easily.  

In terms of hiring, more designers know Quark.

I would suggest trying to get some demo versions of each and
you make your own decision.

I have a feeling that you will end of with both, especially if you
have clients that give files in both formats.


1. Loaded Question...Pagemaker V.S. Quark?


I realize this is a loaded question....BUT, I would like to know what
advantages/if any Quark has over Pagemaker (or vice versa)...

I am a Win' 95 Pentium user who used Photoshop alot....I am thinking that
to stay with the Adobe Pagemaker would enhance the"suite" , BUT everyone I
talk to says that Quark is still what the "industry" is using, even though
the 2 programs are virtually identical by now...

Any help appreciated...

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