complementary italics

complementary italics

Post by Gallaghe » Mon, 23 Jun 2003 00:50:53

Thanks, folks for the clarification.

Typographically, I'm a neophyte, so excuse me if my terminology is

The reason I asked about the "family of fonts" is that even though I have
Arial Bold, Arial Italic, etc. on my machine, when I send the finished file
to my printer, he is unhappy with the bold, italics, etc. So this is an RIP

When I convert my PageMaker file into Postscript, is there a Distiller
setting I should tweak to avoid these problems? I do not just use the Export
feature to create pdf's.


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So, am I right in that even if I have "Arial Italic" font (for example) in
my Fonts folder, when I italicize using "I" from the Control Palette, it is
not really italic?

So...if "Arial Italic" is in my Fonts folder, why doesn't it show up on my
Font menus?

What about if I am defining a style (which I am about to use in a 125 page


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