Somewhat OT: Adobe website problem?

Somewhat OT: Adobe website problem?

Post by Helpful Harr » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:48:01

> I've got a weird problem -- for the last week, I've been completely
> unable to access I've tried both Opera <which is what I
> normally use> and Mozilla, and nothing happens -- after a while it
> simply times out.

> Anyone have the same problem? Or any ideas?

It's working fine for me using Internet Exploiter ... err, I mean
Explorer.  ;o)

Have you got JavaScript turned on? That website uses some scripts which
might be causing a problem if you've got it turned off in the browser

Maybe one of the servers in the chain between you and Adobe's server is
playing up at the moment.

Or it could be the same problem I often suffer - my ISPs useless
"transparent" Proxy server. There's no way around it (other than using
another ISP) since there's no way to by-pass their proxy server.

Either way there's nothing you can do until someone decideds to
actually fix it.   :o(

Helpful Harry                  
"Just trying to help whenever I can."      :o)


1. Somewhat OT: Sony Monitor Problem

I have an old ('92 manufactured) monitor with the specs shown below:

When I hook it to my PC (Sis 5597 with Orchid Righteous 3D Acceleration) I
get the picture rolling down the screen as if I've chosen an unsupported
resolution (happens during boot, in DOS and also in Windows).  I have tried
different resolutions within Windows from 800x600 up to its maximum
allowable but that
doesn't fix it.  I can't find much info on this monitor on the web.  Could
my video card be incompatible?  It has BNC connectors on the back of the
monitor and all 5 are hooked up which runs then to the 15 pin VGA plug which
goes into the Video port on the PC.

It was working fine on a Mac but used a dongle with jumper switches to
connect to the Mac monitor port.  The specs below also show a set of 8
on/off jumpers and how they should be set labelled "P1 switch settings".  Do
I need some sort of dongle to get it working?

Brand: SONY
Model: GDM-1661

Horizontal Frequency: 70-80KHz
Vertical Frequency: 75hz
Sync Type(s) Supported: Sync on Green
Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Connector Type: BNC
Size: 16
OEM Model: VRT16-HA
SaturnGL Compatible:Yes, BIOS number: 5
C1 Compatible: YES
BIOS: 7080

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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