Problem creating PDF with Asian fonts

Problem creating PDF with Asian fonts

Post by Jean-Francois Pelletie » Tue, 22 Apr 2003 14:55:35


I'm trying to do someting quite simple but it fails. I have a PageMaker
7.0 page that has Thai text in it (using TrueType font AngsanaUPC) and
when I look at it in PageMaker it's very good. I can print on paper and
the result is perfect.

However, when I try to create a PDF out of it, it looks like the Thai
fonts are not sent to the PDF so as a result I see only garbage
characters in my PDF.

 From the print menu in PageMaker, I select Acrobat Distiller as my
printer, select to download fonts (PostScript and True Type), write
PostScript to file, and check "Normal". Then I get a PostScript file
that I convert to PDF using Distiller 5.0, and I also select in the Job
Options -> Fonts to embed All Fonts and Cancel Job when embed fails. The
PDF is created, with garbage characters only, and in the PDF Document
Properties -> Fonts I can see that my AngsanaUPC Original Font has
Embeded Subset as Actual Font.

Any help would be very, very appreciated! :-)

Many thanks in advance,



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