InDesign Problem in WinXP

InDesign Problem in WinXP

Post by Colma » Tue, 10 Jun 2003 14:36:24

Hi all.

InDesign 2 (Spanish version) doesn't seem to recognize the keyboard
language, but it sometimes does in an erratic way (it does not accept
accentuated vowels - - or the "??" signs). This seems to happen in
Illustrator 10 a well. Has enyone experienced this? Could anybody suggest a
solution? The rest of the programs recognize the language perfectly? It
seems an Adobe issue.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this post has already been discussed.


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I know this has been discused before but since I'm desperate to find

I have a problem of ATI Radeon 8500 graphic card not displaying OpenGL in
Lightwave 7.0b (and other) on secondary monitor in WinXP.
I searched for help everywhere (waiting for ATI support respons right now).
I found a "partly" workaround for OpenGL on secondary monitor and if anyone
is interested it's described here:

I'm interested in how many of you are actualy running this particular
graphic card:
- in WinXP on multiple monitors and that you don't have any problems with
OpenGL in Lightwave
- in Win2000 -"-

I'm trying to evaluate if it would help if I return back to win2000.
Post also any other problems you have with this graphic card so we can all
help each other.

Thank you in advance,

Jure J.

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