Booklet Question

Booklet Question

Post by Roman & Wend » Sun, 20 Apr 2003 10:03:15

Here is an odd one.
I am an amateur bookbinder who has been asked to bind a manuscript.  I am
printing on standard 8.5x11 paper using the Build Booklet Plug-in.  On the
2-up perfect bound option I can go to 16 page groups (signatures)  I would
like to be able to print in 32 page groups.  This would halve the number of
signatures that I have to sew together.  My document is about 300 pages, so
I would very much like use the perfect bound option as it will do more than
one group.  If I use the saddle stitch option I have to manually do the jump
from the last page of the group to the first page of the next group.  This
multiplied times the number of groups is just asking for trouble.

I guess what I am asking is if anybody knows of a way to deal with this.  I
am thinking that there might be a 3rd party plug-in that can do 32 page
groups or some such thing.  Ideally it would be a way for PageMaker to do it
for me, as printing and binding manuscripts is a rather common request for
me and I would love to be able to automate the printing.

I hope that somebody here has an idea.




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I recently purchased a used copy of PageMaker 6.0 for Windows with the
intention of using it to publish small occasional runs of chapbooks
directly from an inkjet printer. I would like to print 4-up quarto
format.  By that I mean that I wish to print 4 pages on each side of a
piece of paper which when folded twice gives me the pages in the
proper relationship to be bound and cut. I plan to have more than 8
pages in each book but probably not more than 30 or 40.  The books
will contain scans of paintings and photographs with descriptive text
and I plan to use the Epson 2000p as the printer.

There is no way to lay out the pages 4-up quarto that I can see in
6.0.  There is only 4-up continuous.  Am I missing something?  Does
6.5 handle this?  Is there a plug-in that I could use to handle this?
Is there an add-on product that would do the job?  Is InDesign what I

I am open to suggestion.



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