Importing Index Entries from Word doc-how?

Importing Index Entries from Word doc-how?

Post by THE PAK R » Tue, 13 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I am attempting to import a Word 5.0 document into Pagemaker 5.0 on a
Mac.  The Word document contains index entries - when these get imported,
Pagemaker does not recognize them as such and treats them as part of
the text.

Is there a way to force Pagemaker to recognize the existing index
entries when the Word doucment is imported, or do I have to remove them
and index the document once it has been imported into Pagemaker?

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Thanks...David Stout


1. Importing Word Styles into existing PM styles/Index Entries


I am a translator and have to deliver Word-docs for
PM. The 'other end' wants these horrible tags with
their predefined styles at the beginning of a paragraph.
I feel more comfortable just renaming the existing
styles with a Word-macro.

I use Word 95 (Word 7) and will presently upgrade to Word
97. I downloaded the tryout PM 6.5 and have two questions:

1) When I predefine a style in PM and import a Word doc
   with the *same* style (differently defined), the PM
   style definition only takes precedence when I import
   with 'retain format'. I don't understand this (the
   imported style should be retained with this option),
   but is this alright?

2) Importing and checking the 'import index entries'
   option doesn't import the index entries. <grrr>

The irksome thing is, that importing from RTF gets the
index entries, but the imported styles are much less
convincing. (The style names appear OK, but don't get
their PM definition.) What do you suggest?

Sorry to bother you with this, as I really have no
experience wit PM, and this is really the other guys'
job too, only he doesn't seem to be doing it.


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