DTP Independent Contractor question

DTP Independent Contractor question

Post by Jay Chevak » Thu, 01 May 2003 06:17:11

Now this is rather scary, Talk about something and it happens

One of the magazines we do is on contract to a local professional
association. With their ridiculous infighting the new "editor" (term used
very loosely) decided to take on the production of the job himself, but
couldn't quite pull it off (not to mention our contract). So I just got
presented with this attempt at copying my magazine.

I'm not sure what was done on purpose to sabatoge the document and what was
sheer incompetence.

I got a pagemaker file and the links and a PDF. Not one font in the document
other than courier (and no styles), I could go into the pdf and figure out
the fonts if I really wanted to.

Cover done entirely in Photoshop, in Rgb, with no room for bleeds. They
massacred my logo.

Typography was a nightmare. 2-3 column work with hardly a hyphen, and the
few hyphens they have are mostly wrong, it looks like they set the spanish
text to an english dictionary. Rivers and lakes throughout. Drop caps with
an indent (maybe it's the latest style).

The photos and colors used throughout are a mixture of cmyk and rgb

The text looks like it was run through an OCR program without verification.
And most of the articles were thinly disguised Ads.

As usual with this type of document I opened it up looked around, laughed,
extracted some text and threw the rest away. Especially with this one since
they were trying to copy my magazine. Trying to fix (or even just work on)
someone else's magazine/newspaper is usually more trouble than its worth.


1. DTP Independent Contractor question

I am new to the field of desktop publishing as an independent contractor. I
am currently creating a multi-page color brochure for a firm. The brochure
contains several advertisements and various company logos, most of which I
have created from scratch using Illustrator and/or Photoshop. Now the firm
who hired me has asked if I could forward some of these logos to another
print shop which is working on another project for them. While I don't
necessarily have a problem with forwarding logos that I didn't do (that is,
those that were supplied to me by the companies who are advertising), I do
have a problem with just passing on anything that I have created. It seems
to me that if I had to create these logos and ads, then this other printing
company, which is being paid for their work, should also do their own.
Either that, or I should be compensated by them as a sub-contractor.

Is my thinking off-base here? I don't want to come off looking like a jerk,
just trying to protect myself. I'm just looking for some other opinions from
others on this subject.

Thanks for your advice.


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