DXF Importing Lineweight problem

DXF Importing Lineweight problem

Post by biff » Fri, 09 May 2003 04:44:34

I am trying to import DXF Autocad drawings into Pagemaker. The lineweights
are coming up too thin. When I increase the lineweights in Autocad, they
print out fine, but when I import them to Pagemaker, they are very thin. Is
there anything I can do to improve this situation? I tried saving both as
ACAD2000 DXF and ACAD12 DXF and still  have the same problems.

1. DXF import to PM4 file PROBLEM - Please Help!!

I have DXF  files from CAD that need to be placed into PM4.  They need to
be scaled from 8.5x11 to a 2x2 inch size and readable, I can make them
into EPS but they do not transfer clearly?  What should I do?  Any insight
would be greatly appreciated.--


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