Win 95 Pagemaker 6.0 PDF file create problem...

Win 95 Pagemaker 6.0 PDF file create problem...

Post by Frank McMaho » Tue, 12 Mar 1996 04:00:00

The Subject line says it all...everytime I go to create a PDF file by
selecting the option, the program exits and closes! Everything is
installed...does it all have to be in the same diretory or something?

Any suggestions??

Frank McMahon
Production Supervisor
WCTV - Westerly, Rhode Island
* Director, Graphic Artist, Videographer and Author *


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I have a problem with a large old file, which includes maps, charts, pies,
etc. created in an old version of Harvard Graphichs and imported into
PageMaker. Ages ago the original files have been lost.
I have been updating the presentation bringing in new elements made by Excel
I need to distribute it as a pdf but PM won't create a pdf. I can print the
file into a PS printer though.
Is there any software that could analyse the file to learn what it is that
causes the problem in making it into a pdf. (I have tried exporting,
distilling etc.) I belive the problem is with the HG charts which also
include HG fonts, because when I open the file in Indesign, it converts
everything but the HG charts. Help!!!!

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