v7.0 print problems from file designed in 6.5

v7.0 print problems from file designed in 6.5

Post by Paul-Andre Lavoi » Tue, 14 Aug 2001 21:03:05

I just purchased PageMaker 7.0 to run on Windows 2000 and I'm printing to a
Tektronics Phaser 850DX.

A flier I recently created in PageMaker 6.5 (on the same Windows 2000
will no longer print in the 7.0 version. Also, I did not uninstall 6.5 from
Windows2000 machine that I installed 7.0 on, and now this flier will not
even print from the PageMaker 6.5 copy I created the flier in.

I have run over a 1000 copies of this file from 6.5. No
machine that I install PageMaker 7 on will print this file, even a "clean"
machines that never had a copy of 6.5 on it. However any machine running 6.5
(both 98 and 2000 machines where PageMaker 7 has not been installed) will
print this file without a problem. I have not had time to see if this true
for any other pagemaker 6.5 files I have created.

Below is the error I get when printing this file in either 6.5 or 7.0 (where
7.0 has been installed on that machine):

Error: typecheck; offendingcommand: setcolor

Any thoughts?


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In the past with PM 6.0, I would get around this by placing a Corel
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