Missing typeface: Techno or Tekno

Missing typeface: Techno or Tekno

Post by Elsebeth Brandenbor » Tue, 13 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi everybody,

I need urgently a typeface called Techno or Tekno, but I can't find it
anywhere. Does someone know it and know who makes and sells it?

Thanks in advance.



1. Techno-Impressionist Museum opens its Gift Shop

Dear Art Lover,

As curator of the Techno-Impressionist Museum,
it is my pleasure to invite you to the opening of our latest addition:

<-- The Techno-Impressionist Museum Gift Shop -->
What's a museum without a gift shop? Every great museum has one.
Instead of posters, we bring art directly to your desktop.
And our 1998 calendars will add artistic class to your surroundings.

Best of all, everything in the gift shop is free!

Currently featured in our Exhibit Space:

<-- Techno-Impressionist Art of the 21st Century -->
For the very first time, an exhibit of art that does not yet exist.
How did we do it? You'll have to visit the Techno-Impressionist Museum
to find out.

<-- 1st Biennial Exposition of the Techno-Impressionist Museum -->
This exhibit showcases new and experimental works by the leading
Techno-Impressionist artists.

<-- Techno-Impressionism - Art from the sea -->
This exhibition is inspired by the work of Edward Weston and Georgia
It also demonstrates the quality you can achieve with a digital camera.

<-- Early Techno-Impressionist art -->
This long-awaited exhibition traces the origin of Techno-Impressionism
back to its earliest roots.
No expense has been spared in bringing you these startling new finds.

Our Permanent Collection now has 35 galleries, each with five images.

"It's a complete art movement on a web site."
 > Art Speaker, writing for Cutting edge art in America


  The West entrance to the Museum is on Fifth Avenue in New York
  The East entrance is on the Champes-Elyses in Paris
  On the web, you can reach us at:

  -------> http://www.techno-impressionist.com <-------


Tony Karp, Curator of the Techno-Impressionist Museum

Visit our web sites:
 Techno-Impressionist Museum:   http://www.techno-impressionist.com
 TLC Systems(Art and the Zen):  http://www.tlc-systems.com
 Web-Scope(tm) statistics:      http://www.web-scope.com      

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8. Calling all chilled out 3D animators, 3D modelers, 2D animators, ambient and techno artists

9. http://www.freebee.techno.ru/falbush/

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