PM6.52 Problem - Cannot create temporary file

PM6.52 Problem - Cannot create temporary file

Post by David and Carolyn Weave » Sun, 17 Jun 2001 22:01:58

A colleague is having some problems with Pagemaker 6.52 on a G4 Mac 450MP
384MB RAM. A reinstall does not fix the problem. When trying to print or
create a new file an error message 8001:16411 Cannot create temporary file
occurs. Anybody have a suggestion - I've done reinstalls, desktop rebuilds
etc. Please email direct as well as to the newsgroup as I don't lurk here
David and Carolyn Weaver


1. Mac OS8.5/PM6.52 Font Printing Problem

Upgraded to OS 8.5 with the new LW driver. Have no problems printing
from other apps w/ATM Deluxe or from fonts in System folder w/Apple's

However, Pagemaker's print driver seems not to want to find a font;
Univers & Cond. Substitutes Courier. This happens whether the font is
embedded in any EPS or just on the pub page.

Have tried: Fonts put in Sys Folder instead of ATM, Updating PPD.
Rebuilding desktop, zapping PRAM, etc.

Holding option down while selecting Print and going to the Apple driver
sometimes works ok,  but eps files from FH8 aren't always printing

Is there anyway to turn off background printing so that I can check the
"Query printer..." box in print options? With the newer drivers you
can't access this w/o using the Apple driver/dialog box.


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