Distilling to PDF

Distilling to PDF

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Previewing Postscript files using Distiller then viewing in Acrobat
Reader. My landscaped documents show up in portrait form after the
conversion with, quite obviously, only a portion of my doc showing? Any
ideas or is this a limitation I must live with?



1. Retaining size of JPEG image when distilling to PDF

I want to create a CD-ROM with approximately 520 8" x 10" grayscale
jpeg images at 300 DPI.  I want to use 300 DPI, so they can be printed
with clarity.  When distilling one of these JPEG images to PDF format
the size increases from 1 meg to over 3 meg.  Is there a way to retain
the jpeg image size of 1 meg after distilling?  Any other ideas?

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