Pagemaker-Scripting with databases

Pagemaker-Scripting with databases

Post by Bernd Goldschmid » Mon, 06 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Has everyone of you ever connected a database (preferably Paradox or CSV) to
Pagemaker 6.5?
How does it work?
Are there online-Resources on this topic?

Tanks a lot for your help,

Bernd Goldschmidt


Pagemaker-Scripting with databases

Post by Gordon Woo » Wed, 08 Mar 2000 04:00:00

PageMaker does have an ODBC filter that enables it to import and
format data from any ODBC-enabled database.

You can also script the import of database material in any character
delimited format. This is the system we've used to create
adverti*t layout dummies in PageMaker from databases which contain
the booking details -- the script brings in the listing, and draws the
ad boxes as frames on the pages with details of the ad within
the.frame; when told it will then go and get the ad to replace the

You'll find details on PageMaker scripting resources listed on the
Sources page of our website: <;

On Sun, 5 Mar 2000 23:40:57 +0100, "Bernd Goldschmidt"

>Has everyone of you ever connected a database (preferably Paradox or CSV) to
>Pagemaker 6.5?
>How does it work?
>Are there online-Resources on this topic?

>Tanks a lot for your help,

>Bernd Goldschmidt

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1. PM7 Data Merge, PM Script & Database Publishing


I don't use PM7, but do use a number of other Adobe products, including PM
6.5. Generally speaking, Adobe doesn't offer an app that does true database
publishing in the sense of live linking to a real database to automatically
format documents such as catalogs. If you have significant needs in this
area, I'd suggest one of the following solutions:

* If you are on a Windows PC, consider Ventura Publisher, which comes with
Database Publisher and does exactly what you're trying to do.

* If you wish to stick with Adobe applications, consider developing XML
capabilities, and use a database that is XML-aware. Then, I'd recommend
InDesign, which can import XML documents that can be generated from your
database. Framemaker is another option, and would bring the ability to
author XML documents. However, it is a real departure from the type of
layout best suited to Pagemaker or InDesign.

* If you need to stick with PM, you may want to consider a database report
generator that can create ascii files containing formatting code from your


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