DataShaper or importing formatted text

DataShaper or importing formatted text

Post by Paul Ferrel » Mon, 30 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone have the Datashaper filter for PageMaker 4?  I had both PC
and Mac versions but lost the PC version and the company is no more.  Is
anyone doing anything different to import or place text formatted how
you want it?  ie ifferent fonts and sizes

1. PageMaker - Import Database ala DataShaper


A few years ago I was doing a project that entailed importing a FM Pro 3
database into PageMaker 5.0.  At that time I use this great little program
called DataShaper.  Since then, as far as I know the utility hasn't been
updated and the company is out of business.  Now I am using PageMaker 6.5
and FileMaker Pro 4.0 and need to do the same thing.  

DataShaper allowed me to do the following:

Preformat imported field via either DBF or Tab Delimited format (it has
been so long but I think it is the latter) by assigning, in PageMaker what
each Tab separation's formating was.  This was then saved as a template in
PM then when I imported the FM info, I would call on the template.  As PM
formated the info using the template, everthing was great.  

I have tried to use preformating using the DataShaper format on the FM Pro
side and have run into a snag with PM's paragraph return codes.  When I
last spoke with Adobe, they were still figuring out their formatting codes
like this one in question.  And as usual, not all the codes made it into
the manual.  If it did, I would have no problem.  So if anyone knows of a
solution or may have addressed this issue themselves, I would appreciate
any info.

Needless to say I have the same project again as I did years ago.  The
short of it...I am creating a book/manual version of my Olympic system I
designed for CBS for the 98 Olympics.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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