Desktop Publishing Magazine

Desktop Publishing Magazine

Post by William Ni » Mon, 17 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Computer Publishing magazine always has articles about Adobe PageMaker and
all the other DTP programs. A CD packed with demo programs, 10 free
fonts and 5000 free clip arts are included every month. The Christmas issue
has a free copy of Paint Shop Pro 4.14 an older version, but it works great.
If you are short on funds and need a photo editor pick up the Christmas
issue and you will not regret it...

The Christmas issue has an article on how to make a book in PageMaker 6.5
and some InDesign stuff...

You can usually find a copy at a Borders bookstore or at

I have a subscription and can not wait to the next issue every month...





1. !!! Looking for Desktop Publishing Magazines !!!

I am very interested in subscribing to a few

Desktop Publishing Magazines

      which deal with Graphic Design/Computer Art tips and tricks and
      Desktop Publishing tips for Illustrator, Photoshop and
      QuarkXpress. (Not magazines publishing new Macintosh or
      Windows products info.)

Do you know of any?

Please e-mail me info.



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