Problem with PDF output in PM6.52

Problem with PDF output in PM6.52

Post by pstewar » Wed, 20 Jun 2001 03:59:43


I'm experiencing problems with PDF output when distilling it with Adobe
PDF ver 4.05. The tables from the PM document appear scattered
throughout the PDF rather than where they should be.  If I print it to
Adobe in stead of exporting, the tables are intact, but the images are

The tables are linked and are produced using the Table Editor that comes
with PM.

Any guidance you can give is apprecated

Paul Stewart


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The spelling check options in PM 5.5 (and the upgraded 5.52) are
grayed out and I cant do a spell check. I have selected text,
unselected text but no difference.

I have UKEng and USEng dict's installed.

Any ideas??? I have had a look on the adobe support already but not a
lot of help.... Is there a .cnf file I could delete and have the app

The second problem is the quality of a placed PDF file when printed it
looks like it has the jaggies! again any ideas.


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