PostScript 3 for LaserJet 6MP

PostScript 3 for LaserJet 6MP

Post by Mazla » Sat, 26 Apr 2003 17:38:06

Does anyone know if there is an upgrade to PostScript Level 3 for the HP
LaserJet 6MP printer?

PostScript 3 for LaserJet 6MP

Post by mac » Sun, 27 Apr 2003 02:26:36

no. there is not. At least not from HP.

Mac Townsend,
Adcom Graphics, Fairfield, California:
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Big problem!
One of my clients has a locally connected HP laserjet 6MP on a Windows
95 (OSR 2) box. It is a pentium 166 MMX with 64 MB EDO RAM. The printer
cable is IEEE 1284 compliant so I dont see any problems with the
Nevertheless, the application hangs/crashes when they try to print out
of Adobe 6.5. The error message specifies a general protection fault.
I have already found and tried a bug fix from the Adobe website (one
where a post-script driver file needs to be copied into one of the
C:\PM65\..\..\..\ folders), but with no success

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