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For anyone looking for a graphics program with the kick of Corel, Photoshop,
etc - look at Canvas.  We have been using it for creating camera ready art
and also creates great pdf files that place easily and print exceptionally
from Pagemaker.  We started with a free tryout and ended buying 7.0 and
upgrading a year later to 8.0.  Go to for a look.

1. CANVAS 3.5.4 CGM import- Powerpoint works, Canvas doesn't

Hello All Knowledgeable Mac Persons-
I am trying to import a cgm file into Canvas 3.5.4.
The cgm file(s) were generated on a UNIX application,
transferred to an IBM PC and then to the mac. It doesn't
matter what boxes you check on import- the cgm comes out
as a bunch of tiny selection boxes that overlie each other-
and all stacked in the upper left corner. Importing the same
cgm's into powerpoint on a pc is no problem.
I have had luck with some cgm's by using Norton Disk Editor,
opening the fiel and changing type to "CGMF" and creator
to "DAD2", but even this doesn't help. Any ideas?



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