PM 6.0/Mac Printing Errors

PM 6.0/Mac Printing Errors

Post by Shane Bushma » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have a document that I am trying to print from Pagemaker.  It started
out as a PM 5.0 document, and has since undergone several changes in 6.0
(5.0 is deleted from my system).  When i try to print the file (it is
about 7 pages long) the program crashes, says I got an Error 3, and then
tells me I must restart my computer.  I thought that my computer might
be the problem, so i tried to print the document from my boss's
computer, only to find that the same thing occurred, only this time I
got an error 2.  I have since tried copying all of the elements to a new
file, page by page, only to run into the same problem, only it's an
error 1 now.  One time, I got a frozen mouse at startup when restarting
from the crash until I rebooted about 15 times, then things were back to
normal.  A quick scan by norton revealed some problems which i have
since corrected.  The file contains several large placed images, both
EPS and PICT, as well as some Illustrator 6.0 documents, and a good
amount of text...I will be depressed if I have to recreate the document,
but I have ruled out the PM 6.0 install as the problem becuase all of my
other documents are printing fine.  What gives?

I am using a Motorola Starmax Power PC 604e 160 with System 7.5.3 & 32
megs....My Boss is on a Power Macintish 8100/80 with system 7.5.3 and 64

Can someone please help?



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I have a client that has sent me a PM 6.0 file for the mac and when I
attempt to open it I get the following message...

|Cannot Complete Action           |
|                                 |
|Internal Error:Bad Table Index   |
|                                 |
|                    7526:20514   |

Can anyone help me to open this file?
A way to open without links maybe?

Thanks for your help in advance!


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