Stock Tip of the Day

Stock Tip of the Day

Post by lqrAttucks » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 20:18:35

OTC Stock Alert's Last Two Picks:

EZEN from $ .14 to $ .87 in 16 days for a GAIN OF OVER 500%!!!

NPRO from $ .60 to $3.18 in 9 days for a GAIN OF OVER 400%!!!


Environmental Remediation Holding Corp. (OTCBB: ERHC)

BUY AT $ .33


URGENT HOT NEWS: L.A TIMES Front Page article (May 24) reveals ERHC
contract for major stake in West African offshore oil blocks valued at "hundreds
of millions of dollars" with 4 BILLION barrels in oil reserves.

ERHC is about to experience a windfall that most companies can only dream about! In
accordance with a government contract from the Nigeria - Sao Tome Joint
Development Authority, ERHC has obtained substantial working interests in 6 of the
richest offshore oil blocks in West Africa. Even more rewarding is the fact that
ExxonMobil and ERHC will jointly own 40% in two of the blocks, providing
ExxonMobil with 25% to ERHC's 15% in each.

ERHC's dealings with Sao Tome and Nigeria, Africa's biggest oil producer, reflect a
rush for oil riches in West Africa. The region provides 15% of American oil imports,
and the figure is expected to grow to 25% within a decade as the U.S. government
seeks to reduce energy reliance on the Middle East.

Based upon the L.A TIMES research, ERHC is easily valued at well over $1.00 per
share. We agree with the TIMES article and believe that ERHC is tremendously
undervalued. The potential exists for even a sharper rise in share price as the L.A
TIMES suggests that the current trend in the oil industry will continue with ERHC
being acquired by one of the major oil companies!

A licensing round has already begun in the area housing ERHC's oil holdings and
reports have been circulating on the numerous oil industry majors raring to clinch the
plump acreages. The bidding for licenses by major multinational oil firms will conclude
in roughly 90 days for the rights to partner with ERHC. The bids alone are expected to
fetch about $1 Billion just for the right to begin exploration. Aside from ExxonMobil
(NYSE: XOM), other multinationals that are involved with that kind of cash to throw
around include RoyalDutch/Shell (NYSE: RD), ChevronTexaco (NYSE: CVX),
ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP), and Marathon Oil (NYSE: MRO). All of the seismic
data is being provided by Sclumberger (NYSE: SLB) the world leader in reservoir
imaging services.

ERHC represents one the most attractive and undervalued investments where share
prices are actually backed by assets. Given the fact that ERHC's holdings are centered
within the biggest deep offshore discoveries, this hidden gem could be our strongest
recommendation of the year.

DISCLAIMER: OTC Stock Alert is an independent electronic publication focusing on
high-growth companies with the intent to offer its subscribers a great investment
reward. We are not affiliated with any broker or dealer and are not a registered
investment advisor. The information contained in this publication is for informational
purposes only and is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of any offer to buy
securities. Investment in micro-cap securities is considered extremely speculative and
may result in the loss of some or all of any investment made in these companies.
Investors should use the information contained in this publication as a starting point for
conducting additional research on the featured company in order to allow the investor
to form their own opinion regarding the featured company. OTC

Stock Alert has received $10,000 by a third party for the electronic dissemination of
this company information. Readers of this publication are cautioned not to place undue
reliance on forward-looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and
expectations, that may or may not actually occur, and involve various risks and
uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially from those set forth in the
forward-looking statements.  

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