No grid lines on log-log plots (continued)

No grid lines on log-log plots (continued)

Post by Robert Bla » Sat, 31 Oct 1998 04:00:00

        An example of the grid / tic problem is:

gnuplot> set logscale xy
gnuplot> plot [t=1000:10000] .006*t**.7
gnuplot> set xtics 1000,500,10000
gnuplot> replot                      

I would expect that the x axis would range from 1000 to 10000 with tick marks
every 500.  This is what happens in version 3.5  Version 3.6, however, does not
modify the plot at all.


>    I am running a beta version of Gnuplot I got from the=20
> site (incoming directory)
>         G N U P L O T
>         MS-Windows 32 bit version 3.5 (pre 3.6)
>         patchlevel beta 347
>         last modified Mon Jun 22 13:22:33 BST 1998

OK, that'd be my build, then (, with a 'README.HBB' file
in it).

Quote:>    I run this on Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3), intel 300 mhz processor.
>    It works very well, except I cannot seem to get the grid to
> show (using SE= T GRID) when plotting on Log10 x and y scales.  In
> fact, set xtics and set ytics do= n't seem to work either.

Strange. Could you be a bit more precise? "Don't work" is not a very
good description I could work on with. Tell me what happens instead
of the expected, please.

Quote:> I am not sure if this is a bug in the windows binary file I have, or
>  a bug= with the actual Gnuplot software.

Somewhere in between, I guess: not in the particular binary, nor in
'the software' as such. Just a bug in the windows-specific parts
of gnuplot, which are nowhere as well-tested by the development
team as the others, I suspect.


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1. grid lines on log-log plots


        A few weeks ago, I was asking about the grid lines on a log-log plot.

pointed out that the tick placement command (set xtics) works differently in
the Pre 3.6 version in that if the axis is logarithmic, the increment
is used as a multiplicative factor.  This does indeed work on my 32bit microsoft windows version.

        My question is:  How difficult would it be to have an option to have the tick placement
work like it did in version 3.5? (for example, if the increment is negative, then revert to 3.5 method)
Using the 3.5 method, set xtics 1000,500,10000 would place a tick mark every 500 in the range 1000
to 10000.  

        I (and other engineers here) use GNUPLOT 3.6 for most plotting (75%), and GNUPLOT 3.5 for LOG-LOG
plotting (25%).  It would be nice to only need one version.


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