--Spring Break--

--Spring Break--

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Plan your spring break trip now!  If you would like to receive
information and prices for trips to Cancun, Jamaica, Bahamas and
Florida as well as a newsletter about spring break please reply to

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Plan your spring break trip now!


1. Spring Break Intro animation

Check out this DIVX test for a logo intro
(http://www.3DInk.com/shadowpalm2.avi) ...not enough time nor desire
for total realism...its just a stinking logo!, but i think im pretty
a binary is at http://www.3DInk.com/springbreakcollage.jpg

still going to try to make some Sas coconuts, any suggestions? or even
faked 2nd transparent coconuts!

is the camera move too nutty?

thanks to EKI! ...you know why! :)

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