wrong help for "set border"

wrong help for "set border"

Post by Jose Mar » Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:00

OK, I experimented with all the set border
options, and here's what I think is wrong with the help.

In passing, I'll say that it would greatly help to remark in the help text
that "borders" are just that, borders of the plot which are plotted as
axes, but they're not really axes. The difference is that they live in
"device coordinates" of the viewport, not real "world coordinates" (is the
terminology right?).  So (specially in 3D) things will depend on the
orientation: the "south" border could be the X or Y axis.

Well, here's what I found: (gnuplot 3.7, Solaris 5.5.1 + egcs 1.02)

Borders in 2D plots work as advertised:
                         plot border
       bottom (south)         1
       left   (west)          2
       top    (north)         4
       right  (east)          8

Borders in 3D work this way instead:
           Side          splot base
       bottom (south)         1                        
       left   (west)          2
       right  (east)          4
       top    (north)         8

(i.e., last two interchanged)

           Side               splot verticals
       left   (west)                16  
       top    (north, "behind")     32
       right  (east)                64
       bottom (south, "in front")  128

(i.e., all changed)

           Side           splot top
       left   (west)        256
       top    (north)       512
       bottom (south)      1024
       right  (east)       2048

(i.e., the first three changed)

It should be added that all these positions (east, north, etc.) hold for
the 90 degree range that goes from their nominal direction to the next
direction, clockwise. Example: the "south" border of the splot base ("set
border 1") is the one occupying the orientation "south, south-west, until
reaching west". Try it with this:

  set border 1
  set view 60,80
  splot x*y          ! border shown is X axis
  set view 60,95
  replot             ! now border is Y axis



PS: Any new solutions to those nagging verticals that won't go away? So
far I only know the trick of extending the X or Y range beyond the surface

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wrong help for "set border"

Post by crawford richa » Wed, 10 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Thanks, Jose -- I'll see if I can do a bit better :-)


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