Business Please Respond

Business Please Respond

Post by Mr James Ezemb » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 22:44:07

I am Mr James Ezemba,  Director  Project implementation   Standard Trust Bank Nigeria plc (STB). I am directly responsible for Classified Assets and Projects. I solicit for your assistance to help me in handling a very urgent and confidential business Transaction.
I got your contact through your country's chamber of commerce here in nigeria,although the nature of the business was not disclosed to the officers here.

A new management has recently acquired the Bank (STB) and under classified projects which I handle,funds were earmarked for long-term projects in the oil sector under the old management. These funds worth US$106M have long since been cleared and released for payments to contractors, which I as the Director has already done.

Meanwhile, there is a balance of US$7.5M left over from these funds, which I want to transfer to an offshore foreign account,and I want this transfer done within the next two weeks before the auditors of the new management start work on the proper inventory of the bank's assets.

I solicit Your Cooperation To use your company's name to apply as the Beneficiary of these funds on my behalf.
You Will in return receive 25% as compensation upon receipt and safeguard of this fund into your account for safe custody.

I shall instruct you for further transfer of my percentage share to another account that will be at my disposal.

Note, I will professionally/ technically take care of the whole co-ordination for onward transfer of this fund as soon as we agree,and Only trust, sincerity and transparent honesty can make the reality of this transaction.

finally dear, i also urge you to arrange for a five bedrooms duplex for family usage, for purchase and other investment opportunities upon arrival in your country when the funds will be transfered.

I wait to hear from you over your interest in actualizing this transaction.

May Almighty God be with you as you prepare to do this business with me.
Till I hear from you.

Remain blessed.

Mr.Jamea Ezemba

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