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Dear Customer Service:

Please pass on this information to your Plant Maintenance & Reliability

I would like to introduce to you a product for Maintenance Professionals
called the Electro-Luber.  Developed for any bearing lubrication
application, the Electro-Luber is a single point, continuous lubrication
system, which:

*Substantially reduces bearing wear and lubricant contamination
*Extends the working life of bearings which in turn, will greatly reduce
bearing replacement
*Reduces the high cost of down-time due to bearing failure
*Used by major companies like Disneyland, Anheuser-Busch, Rocketdyne,
Monsanto, and thousands of other  companies around the world

Many companies worldwide have found the Electro-Luber to be helpful used in
areas such as HVAC systems, toxic chemical areas, high contaminate areas,
conveyor bearings, elevator pulleys, laboratory "clean" rooms, and
hard-to-reach areas. The money saved in reduced labor costs, reduced
bearing replacement costs, and lesser down-time costs pays for the
Electro-Luber many times over, as outlined below:

** Anheuser-Busch reports that bearing failure was "nil" the first year the
Electro-Lubers were installed and that using the Lubers has increased
bearing life from 1-3 years or more

** LA Unified School District reports that they have reduced the labor
factor of lubrication by 50%

** Disneyland also reports a 50% savings (over $15,000 per year) on Splash
Mountain alone

** Kelco Company in San Diego reports not having a single bearing failure
in over 13 months after installing the Electro-Lubers, saving tens of
thousands of dollars - prior to the installation, they were experiencing
bearing failures on a daily basis

You can see by the above examples that the Electro-Luber is an effective
product for maintaining facilities operations. Please send a reply email to
request an information package and Demo Movie CD-ROM that explains how the
Electro-Luber works and it's applications.

You can also review the Electro-Luber at our website:

Feel free to contact me at my direct line (818) 876-0188 or email me at

the Electro-Luber. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review the

Thank you in advance for your time in reviewing our product.

Best Regards,

Ted Afetian
C&L Supply Co.


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