color in gnuplot

color in gnuplot

Post by William Swedbe » Fri, 01 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Sys Op ---- Digital UNIX V3.2C  (Rev. 148) DEC ALPHA OSF/1 3.2

Gnuplot ver 3.5

driver pbm

I installed gnuplot with the dec_osf switch.  Everything
compiled fine.  No errors.  I have a command file that I
use to run gnuplot from the unix prompt "gnuplot commands".
If I use "set term pbm monochrome" I get a graph in black
and white that is about 38000 bytes.  No problem.  If I
change the line to "set term pbm color" the graph goes up to
980000 bytes and when I view the graph it is all black.
Do you have any suggestions as to why color is not working?
Does gnuplot depend on something to get color.  This same
script is being used by two other people and it works fine.

Any help on this situation would be great.  

Thanks for your time.  

Bill Swedberg
Network Services
Clemson University


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I am a physicist, and the main thing we do is write papers.
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message saying that indeed gnuplot can't do that but "This may change
in the medium term"

Sadly, this is not good enough in a world where Gnuplot has competitors.
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