math-symbols in xlabels -> pdflatex

math-symbols in xlabels -> pdflatex

Post by Tim Frank » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 00:35:23


to include gnuplot diagrams in pdflatex
I use the set term command:

set term mp color solid*psnfss

the resulting file ist converted with:

mpost -tex=latex

and included in pdflatex with the \includegraphics-command.

I have problems including*commands into the gnuplot file.

set xlabel 'Kr?ngung []'   works fine but

set xlabel 'Kr?ngung $\beta$ []' gives and error message in
Acrobat Reader 5.1 that:

"A font is not listed in the Resources-Directory - Helvetica is used"

But the diagram is not available in the the pdf document.

Omitting the "psnfss" option in gnuplot the diagram including the beta sign
is plotted but the german umlaut '?' and the degree sign is missing.
Additionally the box around the key is somehow to small now and hits the

Has someone an idea to overcome that problem ?
(Best way would be to stick to the mp-terminal, because I found it to have
the best quality later on in the pdf-document)

Best regards,



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