gnuplot with VC++

gnuplot with VC++

Post by Fabien Yzar » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I want to edit gnuplot code with VC++5.0 and compile it in a Win32
Could  someone explain me how to create a correct VC++ project from the
C source files, with the right useful files. (i.e. only those required
for Win32 appl.)

Thank you :-)



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1. GNUPlot with VC++


I was curious would you be able to help me.  I'm running Gnuplot from
inside  a visual C++ program.  Everything works fine, ie the desired graph
pops up but unfortunately it closes down straight away again.  I think
I've programed it right.  I was just curious would you have any ideas.  I
know its a long shot but I thought I'd try.

Darren Farrell

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